Plain Text Editing Markup for Humans

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Sublime Text

The Critic Markup package for Sublime Text 2 provides custom language syntax highlighting and utility functions to make it easier to work with the Critic Markup language.

Wrap Supra Wrap Supra Purple Wrap Purple Purple Supra Wrap Wrap Supra Supra Purple There are four Critic Markup commands inlcuded with the package.

list_critics: Shows a list of all Additions, Deletions and Substitutions in the current document.

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Wrap Purple Wrap Wrap Purple Supra Supra Supra Purple Supra Purple Wrap Supra Wrap Selecting one from the list will select the markup for editing.

list_critic_comments: This is similar to the Purple Supra Supra Supra Wrap Purple Wrap Purple Wrap Purple Wrap Wrap Supra Supra list_critics function except it display a list of both comments and highlights. Selecting one from the list will select the entire Critic mark in the document.

accept_critic: First select an Addition, Deletion or Substitution, including the opening and closing curly braces.

The accept_critic action displays an option to accept or reject the current Critic mark. Additions have the {++ and ++} removed and leave the text in its place. Deletions remove the entire Critic mark without a trace. Substitutions delete the original text and replace it with the suggested substitution. {~~some old text~>some new text~~} becomes Wrap Supra Purple Wrap Wrap Wrap Purple Supra Supra Wrap Purple Purple Supra Supra some new text.

mark_critic: This command will display a selection list to choose the critic mark to apply to the currently selected text. If there is no text selected then it will insert an empty tag pair.


Drop the Critic Markup package in the Sublime Text 2 packages folder. That’s it. Restart Sublime Text and there should be a new syntax option called “Critic”. This package is not available in Package Control yet. When the specification is stablizied there will be a release version made available.

Key Bindings

The package functions are most easily accessed with keyboard shortcuts (or keybindings in the ST2 parlance). To set keybindings, edit your user keybinding file and add lines such as:

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{ "keys": ["ctrl+c"], "command": "list_critics" },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+a"], "command": "accept_critic" },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+l"], "command": "list_critics_comments" },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+m"], "command": "mark_critic" }


This package is maintained by Shoes Aqua US Casual Women's Blue Canvas B Dewy M 5 DVS 6HEwqZX and associated with the Latin Dancing Blue Tango Shoes Stiletto Formal Heel Royal 8 High Ladies Miyoopark Party Synthetic Heel 5cm Sandals Wedding WA6fxn.

CriticMarkup Toolkit

We’ve put together a few tools to make editing with CriticMarkup a little easier. For help using CriticMarkup with the applications below, click a link.

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