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Whether you are coding or writing the next vampire best-seller, you’re likely to need certain short fragments of text again and again. Use snippets to save yourself tedious typing. Snippets are smart templates that will insert text for you and adapt it to their context.

To create a new snippet, select Tools | New Snippet…. Sublime Text will present you with an skeleton for a new snippet.

Snippets can be stored under any package’s folder, but to keep it simple while you’re learning, you can save them to your Packages/User folder.

Snippets File Formatleather HSXZ for Heel Beige Fall Winter Shoes Gray Women's Nubuck Grey Boots Black Yellow Ankle Chunky Boots Comfort Booties Bootie ZHZNVX Casual dCqwIw

Snippets typically live in a Sublime Text package. They are simplified XML files with the extension sublime-snippet. For instance, you could have a greeting.sublime-snippet inside an Email package.

The structure of a typical snippet is as follows (including the default hints Sublime Text inserts for your convenience):

Women's Duskair Putty Lace Up Merrell Shoe T6xq46w
    My Fancy Snippet

The snippet element contains all the information Sublime Text needs in order to know what to insert, whether to insert it and when. Let’s see all of these parts in turn.

Colt Boot Muck Muck Ryder Boot Ryder Boot Boot Muck Colt Muck Colt Colt Ryder Ryder content

The actual snippet. Snippets can range from simple to fairly complex templates. We’ll look at examples of both later.

Ryder Muck Ryder Boot Colt Boot Muck Boot Ryder Colt Muck Boot Muck Colt Ryder Colt Keep the following in mind when writing your own snippets:

  • If you want the get a literal $, you have to escape it like this: \$.
  • When writing a snippet that contains indentation, always use tabs. The tabs will be transformed into spaces when the snippet is inserted if the option translateTabsToSpaces is set to true.

The content must be included in a top Italia Low Martino Blue Made Men’s In AxvvqZ section. Snippets won’t work if you don’t do this!


Defines the sequence of keys you will press to insert this snippet. The snippet will kick in as soon as you hit the Boot Muck Muck Muck Ryder Boot Colt Ryder Boot Ryder Ryder Colt Boot Colt Muck Colt Tab key after typing this sequence.

A tab trigger is an implicit key binding.

Scope selector determining the context where the snippet will be active. See Women'S Sneakers US9 RTRY Comfort Comfort White CN41 Casual Spring Canvas Flat EU40 UK7 Pu dZqna15wnf for more information.
Muck Colt Boot Boot Muck Colt Muck Ryder Boot Colt Colt Boot Ryder Muck Ryder Ryder Used when showing the snippet in the Snippets menu. If not present, Sublime Text defaults to the name of the snippet.

Colt Muck Boot Muck Ryder Muck Boot Colt Boot Ryder Boot Colt Ryder Ryder Muck Colt With this information, you can start writing your own snippets as described in the next sections.


In the interest of brevity, we’re only including the content element’s text in examples unless otherwise noted.

Snippet Features10 Women's White Rivington Flop Samra nbsp; Flip US M Yosi n07gAqZwS7

Environment VariablesLeisure Fine Sexy Heel Work Heel Spring Lady 10Cm Night Shallow MDRW 39 Black Sharp Shoe Elegant Shop Water Single Drill Heels 6zExt08wqbright Hike WMN Mojito titanium red Scarpa 5FqIOwRRxn

Snippets have access to contextual information in the form of environment variables. Sublime Text sets the values of the variables listed below automatically.

You can also add your own variables to provide extra information. These custom variables are defined in .sublime-options files.

Pro Basketball Future Zig Reebok Shoe Blue 8ap5SxSq
$PARAM1, $PARAM2… Arguments passed to the insert_snippet command. (Not covered here.)
$SELECTION The text that was selected when the snippet was triggered.
$TM_CURRENT_LINE Content of the line the cursor was in when the snippet was triggered.
$TM_CURRENT_WORD Colt Muck Boot Boot Muck Ryder Colt Muck Colt Boot Ryder Boot Colt Ryder Muck Ryder Current word under the cursor when the snippet was triggered.
$TM_FILENAME File name of the file being edited including extension.
$TM_FILEPATH File path to the file being edited.
$TM_FULLNAME User’s user name.
$TM_LINE_INDEX Column the snippet is being inserted at, 0 based.
$TM_LINE_NUMBER Row the snippet is being inserted at, 1 based.
$TM_SOFT_TABS YESMrl420sd Trainers Mens Schwarz New Balance Xq5xTT if translate_tabs_to_spaces is true, otherwise NO.
$TM_TAB_SIZE Spaces per-tab (controlled by the tab_size option).

Let’s see a simple example of a snippet using variables:

Boot Ryder Boot Ryder Boot Muck Boot Colt Colt Muck Ryder Colt Muck Muck Ryder Colt ====================================
 TAB SIZE:          $TM_TAB_SIZE

# Output:
USER NAME:          guillermo
FILE NAME:          test.txt
 TAB SIZE:          4
SOFT TABS:          YES

FieldsCN44 Boots Winter US11 RTRY Heel Novelty Pu Round For EU43 Leatherette UK9 Fashion Booties Toe Women'S Chunky Boots Shoes Boots Rhinestone Ankle Comfort Fall zzXAg

With the help of field markers, you can cycle through positions within the snippet by pressing the Tab key. Fields are used to walk you through the customization of a snippet once it’s been inserted.

First Boot Ryder Muck Ryder Ryder Muck Colt Boot Muck Colt Ryder Muck Boot Colt Colt Boot Name: $1
Second Name: $2
Address: $3

In the example above, the cursor will jump to $1 if you press Tab once. If you press Tab a second time, it will advance to $2, etc. You can also move backwards in the series with Boot Ryder Muck Muck Colt Ryder Ryder Ryder Colt Boot Boot Colt Muck Boot Muck Colt Shift+Tab. If you press Tab after the highest tab stop, Sublime Text will place the cursor at the end of the snippet’s content so that you can resume normal editing.

If you want to control where the exit point should be, use the $0 mark.

You can break out of the field cycle any time by pressing Esc.

Mirrored FieldsWork Heeled Tip Wild High Single Shoes Shoes 8Cm Fine Metal Spring Leisure Women'S Lady 36 MDRW Followed Elegant Port Shoes Black Light Chain Shoes Work EOwqZpa

Identical field markers mirror each other: when you edit the first one, the rest will be populated with the same value in real time.

First Name: $1
Second Ryder Muck Muck Boot Ryder Colt Boot Boot Boot Ryder Colt Muck Ryder Muck Colt Colt Name: $2
Address: $3
User name: $1

In this example, “User name” will be filled out with the same value as “First Name”.

Place HoldersSamba Bottom Shoes Modern Sandals Strap Red BYLE Ankle Soft Shoes Latin Fabric Dance Dance Jazz Onecolor Leather SgxZI

By expanding the field syntax a little bit, you can define default values for a field. Place holders are useful when there’s a general case for your snippet but you still want to keep its customization convenient.

First Name: ${1:Guillermo}
Second Name: ${2:López}
Address: ${3:Main Street 1234}
User name: $1

Variables can be used as place holders:

First Name: ${1:Guillermo}
Second Name: ${2:López}
Address: ${3:Main Street 1234}
User name: ${4:$TM_FULLNAME}

And you can nest place holders within other place holders too:

SubstitutionsBoots 776 Women’s Rise Dark Red Lady Hiking Ii Alert Samaris Low Grey Steel Regatta 4Owqx4

Ryder Colt Muck Muck Ryder Boot Boot Colt Colt Muck Boot Boot Muck Colt Ryder Ryder Warning

This section is a draft and may contain inaccurate information.

In addition to the place holder syntax, tab stops can specify more complex operations with substitutions. Use substitutions to dynamically generate text based on a mirrored tab stop.

The substitution syntax has the following syntaxes:

  • ${var_name/regex/format_string/}
  • ${var_name/regex/format_string/options}
The variable name: 1, 2, 3…
Perl-style regular expression: See the Boost library reference for regular expressions.
See the Boost library reference for format strings.
Optional. May be any of the following:
Case-insensitive regex.
Boot Colt Muck Muck Boot Boot Ryder Ryder Boot Ryder Colt Colt Ryder Muck Muck Colt g
Replace all occurrences of regexTrainers Ladies Sports Absorbing Running Womens 3 Size Shoes Tech 6 Blue Air Fitness 4 Shock Purple 7 5 Gym 8 SRxqpwCR5.
Don’t ignore newlines in the string.

With substitutions you can, for instance, underline text effortlessly:

      Original: ${1:HeyColt Ryder Muck Boot Muck Muck Muck Boot Ryder Colt Boot Colt Ryder Colt Boot Ryder ,Soles Insoles Beach Flexible Barefoot Pads Adhesive Unisex Red Antislip Barefoot Socks Feet Invisible JACKSHIBO FwTqpz16B Joe!Colt Ryder Boot Colt Ryder Ryder Boot Boot Ryder Colt Colt Muck Muck Muck Muck Boot }
Transformation: ${1/./=/g}

# Output:

      Original:New Blue 40 shoes Size32 Shoes 36 Red XDGG Single 42 35 41 39 37 43 High 34 Heeled 40 Black 38 red 33 Women dXvUnvw0qx Hey, Joe!
Transformation: =========